Saturday, December 21, 2013

Essentially Amazing!!!

A couple of days ago I misplaced my doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil!!!  I was so sad!!  I went back and forth for hours trying to find it!  I was determined to find it because I LOVE my Lemon Essential Oil!  Do you know why I love it so much?!!!  There is actually a REAL reason for it!!!  

Watch this news report from a Vanderbilt Hospital study that just by diffusing doTERRA essential oils in their ER, look what happened! 

Hey, with Christmas just around the corner, if you still need a GREAT Christmas gift idea,  doTERRA Essential Oils make an EXCELLENT gift!!!  It's the kind of gift that can really help change a person's life for the better!!! And their family's lives, including their pets' lives!  FOR REAL!!! In so many different ways!!!  I'm not kidding!!!

I know I am not a doctor in real life or anything like that even though I have played a nurse in a Cadence/Delnor Hospital TV commercial :).  However, I am someone who has struggled with an auto-immune disease for over 30 years, and whether I'd like to admit it or not, I have had and continue to have my share of various health issues unfortunately, especially as I get older - just like many people as they age, whether or not they want to or like to admit it.

Well, a few weeks ago, I went to my friends' Essential Oil party (see I always said I did normal housewives things! :)) and I've been hooked ever since!  I personally started to use these doTERRA essential oils, and I still cannot believe how amazing these oils have worked for me and my life!  Again, I know I'm not a doctor like the people in the video, but as someone who has had my own personal health struggles, (this is just my personal opinion so take it for what it is worth - it's free) - but in my personal opinion, I personally believe these essential oils are truly a gift and an empowerment for you to help you and your family, including your pets! Yes, there have been people who have successfully used these doTERRA essential oils with much success on their pets!!  This is, of course, not meant to abandon or to replace your hospital/medical needs and your doctor (or vet); or other healthy lifestyle habits obviously, but like they say in the video, to help and/or supplement. 

Since these oils can be used aromatically, topically and most can be ingested, in addition to, using them for helping with medical issues or health related issues, these oils can also be used for cooking, cleaning, for making them into other products, such as, skin care/hair care products, hand sanitizers, lip balms, furniture polish, insect repellents, etc. 

These oils are also 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).

For more information on these doTERRA essential oils and to check out all the other products doTERRA has to offer, you can go to my website at:


For more information on essential oils in general, as well as doTERRA oils, there is a book called Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils available on  It is like an encyclopedia of essential oils.  There is also a website called that is basically a library of essential oil information with articles and research done on essential oils. There are also a lot of good information on the internet from fellow doTERRA Essential Oils users sharing their experiences and testimonials from using these oils.  

And of course, I concur with this video, just smelling the doTERRA Lemon essential oil makes me really, really happy!!

Thank you and hope EVERYONE has a healthy and safe MERRY CHRISTMAS and JOYFUL HOLIDAY!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Confessions of an Atypical Asian

A few days ago, my friend, Rob, sent me this photo.  Apparently, his goddaughter, Danielle, LOVES Confessions of an Atypical Asian, a little book I wrote several years ago meant to take a humorous perspective on stereotypes based on my own personal experiences.  She loved it so much that it even inspired her to start writing her own experiences!  How awesome is that?!!!  This photo just made my day!!  I was so grateful to receive such a photo, especially considering it is Thanksgiving Week!!!  What great timing!! :)

My friend said his goddaughter, who is 7 years old, takes my book wherever she goes! Seeing how my book, Confessions of an Atypical Asian, makes her so happy makes me so happy! I would love to meet her someday so I can give her a big hug to personally thank her for bringing a smile to my face! I am VERY grateful!!  I cannot begin to tell you!

I guess many of you did not know I wrote this book, or any book for that matter - well, except for maybe training manuals during my technical writing days at Lucent Technologies in Naperville, IL - so I will do a shameless little plug just in case you guys are interested. As I mentioned, this is just a simple, little book I wrote several years ago taking a humorous perspective on stereotypes, in particular, Asian stereotypes (well, because you know, I am Asian/Asian-American obviously). It is from my perspective based on my personal experiences - things that I have personally experienced either directly or indirectly (i.e, witnessed/seen).

I know adults that have read this book have really enjoyed it that they have even read it out loud to their guests at their parties and had a good time; but I also know every youngster that has read it, has really, really LOVED it, as you can see with Danielle, my friend's goddaughter. I also remember my former doctor in IL had two daughters that were about Danielle's age at the time, and they would crack up reading my book. Another person enjoys reading the book to her students.  My book really seems to be a hit with the youngsters.  You can read what others had to say of my book on my website, as well, if you would like.

You can still get this book online somewhere, but it is probably going to be cheaper to get it from my website (and if you get it from my website, then I can personally autograph it for you if you want, as well, although keep in mind that it is only me,... you know, the little Cindy you all know and love :)).  Anyway, if you want, you are welcome to get my book at:

If for some strange reason the link doesn't work correctly, please let me know. You can message me here, and I will be happy to contact technical support to get it fixed. (Yes, that is the same page where you can still download my single "O Holy Night")

Happy Thanksgiving Week Everyone!  Love you Guys and thank you always so much for all your support!!!  God bless you!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Facebook Profile and My Facebook Page

I just wanted to take a moment to explain my facebook profile and my facebook page since there may be some questions regarding that.

Yes, I have do have a personal facebook profile and I also a facebook page. I started the facebook page a while back because at the time, there were several pages of me other people created of me (which is perfectly fine. I didn't mind at all. I thought it was very nice of people to create positive pages of me - whoever it was.  I appreciated it and it was flattering to know people wanted to do that). I just decided to start my own page since I realized people were writing to me, and I wasn't responding, well, because I never got their emails since they were writing to me on pages that weren't pages I created.  Therefore, in order to have a place where people could actually write to me where I can actually receive their emails and where I can actually respond back to them, I created my own facebook page - place geared for people to actually be able to contact the real me and for me to respond back to them; and also provide a place that focuses more on the performing aspects of my life. (Plus, at the time I created this facebook page, people really could not find my personal facebook profile very well since I kept everything very private and primarily for personal use. My personal profile has become more public since then however. More on that below.)

My facebook profile was, as I said, very private and while still is personal and is geared more towards personal stuff (personal posts, photos, thoughts, etc), people are able to find me more easily now on facebook since I have become more familiar with how facebook works than before when I first started using facebook.  However, since my personal profile is still geared more towards personal topics, this may not really be what people are interested in reading - maybe other than people who actually know me.  I don't want to assume that people want to really know about my personal topics all that much.  Some people may want to know more about what is going on performing-wise, if any, rather than what is going on personal-wise so to speak. 

You are, of course, more than welcome to join me on my profile or just on my page, or both or neither. People can choose to join me on whichever page or profile or both, whatever works for them.  It is up to you. Some just want to know what is going on with me on my professional level (which is what the page is more geared towards, with maybe a hint of some personal at times). Some just want to join me on my profile. Some want to join me on both because there are times when I just post something on one or the other and not on both even though I try to be equal on some topics but can't always, so one audience does get left out. Again, it's not because I play favorites or anything. It is just sometimes it can work out that way.

Just wanted to clarify what and why the differences are. (Now these are the ONLY two places on facebook I am on though. The other ones are the ones other people created. Again, thank you to those people of course, but just to let you know, I only have my page and my profile on facebook besides being on twitter and youtube.)

Hope that helps clarify any confusion as to which pages or profiles are mine on facebook and why. And again, you are welcome to join me on my profile that is perfectly fine, as well as, my page if you want to. It is up to you!

Have a great day!!! God bless!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Thank you Gray Talent Group!

I have the best agents in town! I love Gray Talent Group in Chicago!

Watch Chicago Fire Season 2 Premiere Episode September 24, 2013 on NBC!!!

Remember to tune in on NBC on September 24, 2013 for the premiere episode of Chicago Fire Season 2 tomorrow!!!

Here is a look:

And yes, my character, Mari, will be back for the premiere episode! :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Favorite Tweet of the Day

Mp3 Player with Recordings for You to Listen to on My Website!

I don't know if I did this right, but I uploaded an mp3 player on my website of some songs I sang from past lessons, demos, church services, theatre, etc on my website until I record the cd I will be working on w/my talented pianist friend David Cunniff (who helped me record O Holy Night).

Here is the link to the mp3 player on my website:

I hope it works!

If by chance, it does not work, you can also just go to my website at The player will be directly on the website.

Thank you!

Cadence Health | Laser Focus

Thanks to my friends Amy Doran (whose son Connor Doran you may have seen on America's Got Talent Top 12 in 2010 performing his incredible indoor kite flying act that can make you cry and give you goose bumps! Check out Connor's website!) and Frank Turchioe who is huge fan of AGT and a sweetheart who both took time out of their busy schedules to help me find this video, I was finally able to see the commercial spot I filmed for Cadence Health! Thank you Amy and Frank! I love you guys!!!

Here it is!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Documentary: Revolve on Camera

My friends, Benjamin Epps (who directed Family Weekend film starring Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Modine) and his beautiful wife Heather Epps (second unit director on Family Weekend film), are working on their new documentary introducing the work of the Revolve Dance Company.

I admit that I am not a dancer and would never claim I know anything about dance, but, like many, I do appreciate the art of dance, as I appreciate the arts in general; and from watching the Epps's video below, I particularly like what Heather says about when most people think of "professionals", they tend to think of the well-known names in Hollywood we see and hear about on tv.  However, the truth is quite the opposite.

The truth is most professionals are the no-names who get no glory, but still work very hard everyday still dreaming to one day "make it"; that have to work another "real" job or two or more for years to pay the bills just so they can still pursue what they really want to pursue - which is to perform; and sometimes they have to put their dream to perform on hold; or they have to pursue their dream on the side for now since real life gets in the way or until they can get their "big break"; or they work a "real" job and try and save enough money to pursue their dream more again at a later time and so they end up pursuing their dream only off and on over the course of their entire lives, so it seems to be more in spurts and segments sometimes; or they are the ones that don't make any money at all performing or just very little but still just perform anyway so they get the experience of doing what they love to do and are trying to just get their name out there any way they can, etc.

You just may be surprised who these "professionals" are.  They just may be your next door neighbor; or your child's teacher; or someone you see at the store every week on your errands in your neighborhood. They are your every day neighbor who continue to pound the pavement day after day working hard toward the dream even though nobody else may know or realize it....yet!

Most of the "professionals" work VERY hard for years and years without ANY glory, but they do it all just because of the fact they love what they do even if everybody else in their lives think they are crazy for doing it.

So, as much as we wish being a "professional" meant being like what we see on tv with the well-known names, but it is not usually the case, unfortunately.  However, that doesn't mean that the rest of us "professionals" who are still trying to "make it" still would not be doing what we are doing because the fact is we LOVE what we do and would still be doing it, or at least trying to have it somehow in our lives no matter what, even if we have to take a break sometimes because our priorities in life may change at times.

This is why I am eager to see how this documentary turns out because regardless of whether or not you are a dancer, or regardless of whether or not you love dance, we all know what it is like to have a dream, and deep inside we all wish to just do it! And these dancers are obviously doing just that!

Check out their video below from their Kickstarter campaign page for Revolve on Camera

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Baby Isaac!!!

I love my vet! I got an email last night wishing my baby Isaac a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I don't think I have ever gotten that before from a vet! I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful, and it just ended my evening on bright note last night, and it started the new, next day focused right...straight on Isaac's birthday!

I am sure some people who don't have dogs or pets, or even people that do have them, but maybe don't feel about them the way I feel about my Isaac may laugh at me, but you know what? I don't care! I am a proud pet parent! So, yes, folks, being that I am a proud mama, today, this day, on July 13, 2013, I am wishing my baby Isaac a very...


My cute, loyal companion, baby ball of fluff that I love so much that you might have thought I had given birth to him myself is 9 years old today!  He has been through so much, and if you are on facebook, you know there were times I was afraid I was going to lose this little guy; but he is such a little trooper, and I thank God he made it through because I cannot imagine my life without my little angel. We have been through so much together and God must have known I needed him.  He is definitely a gift from God for sure, and I am so grateful for him, for his little spirit, for his little face, for the goofy little things he does and the looks he gives me, and just for being in my life.  I feel very blessed. 

Gosh, isn't it amazing how these furry creatures can bring so much joy into our lives?!  They can make a difficult day feel a-ok just by seeing their furry little faces.  Who else waits for you by the door when you go outside to check the mail, even if you are gone only for just a few minutes or a few seconds and then rejoices as if you have been gone for a few centuries?  Who else doesn't care about how much money you make, or how beautiful you are, or how talented you are, or how tall you are, or how short you are, or how fat you are, or how skinny you are, or even how you smell?  They don't care about a big house, or fancy clothes, or fancy food, or fancy toys, anything.  They don't need the best of the best because they think they have it with just YOU.  To them you ARE the best.  They just want to be by your side and want nothing better than to just follow you wherever you go.  They show us what unconditional love can feel like and what it feels like not to be judged.

Do you know that song by the group Chicago "Hard to Say I'm Sorry"? There are lyrics that say "Everybody needs a little time away..." and "Even lovers need a holiday...", but you know, I don't think this is true for dogs, at least it is not true for my Isaac.  He wants to be by me ALL the time!  I love my husband and we are one of the couples that actually really like spending time together, and we actually are ok to do everything together - for real!; but even he doesn't want me around ALL the time!  But Isaac?  Isaac wants to be with me ALL the time!  That is the unconditional love of a dog!
So, since I can't sing Happy Birthday in "dog" language, I will end this blog and help celebrate Isaac's birthday by sharing an old, favorite video.  It is of Isaac during his puppy years w/his brothers, Murray and Jacob, (may they rest in peace) that I have shared with my friends in the past.

Hope you enjoy it & always show your furry companion lots of love!

(Just a little history about this video: Whenever I would vocalize, or practice my scales singing, this is the kind of things my dogs would do.  I am not sure what they were trying to tell me, but instead of thinking they were being critics, I decided to try videotaping an example of what they were doing instead to show my family since I thought my family, also having dogs, would get a kick out it.)

( In the video:

Isaac: the birthday boy when he was a puppy!  He usually howls longer, but this was one of his shorter ones. Isaac is my HEART!!! I am sooo grateful I have had 9 years with this funny boy, and I pray I am able to have more! My pride & joy! My laughter! My everything! My world!;

Murray: THE GREATEST American Eskimo in the WORLD!!!! He was my husband's favorite baby for sure!  He was in my life more than 16 years! so I must admit yeah, he is still up there as one of my top 2 favorites (my very first Maltese named Jordan who was deaf since he was 2 years old that I had for 12 years before Isaac and Jacob years is my up there as my ultimate baby). Murray was sooo friendly to people! Every vet that met Murray said he was THE friendliest American Eskimo they EVER met! He was my genius boy! I want another Eskie because of my Murray!;

Jacob:  Isaac's half-brother and sooo sweet and my little lap dog. He was a very, very special soul. Indescribable how special this little guy was. He was just 2-3 lbs, but a little warrior who lost his battle with PLE.  He had a hard life.  He was THE CUTEST little thing EVER!!!  He was SOOOO forgiving!  He was THE SWEETEST EVER too!!!    

I love ALL my dogs that have sadly passed on, and I MISS all my babies VERY much that it is bittersweet to see videos of them because I wish I could hug them all; but I am blessed to have had them in my life. And yes, I am one of those that people have their dogs' ashes, and their ashes will be buried or cremated along with me when the time comes for God to call me home too.)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Fan Shout Out to YOU!!!

You know, since this blog is about sharing my favorite "whatevers" with my fans, and I wouldn't have even thought to share a blog like this if it wasn't for my awesome fans, today, I am going to do a shout out to my FAVORITE of FAVORITES.... my AWESOME group of FANS!!! (I still feel so strange saying that..."my fans"...I still have to pinch myself and am in disbelief that I have ANY besides my husband and my dog! :))

I just love you guys soooo much!!!  I can't tell you enough!!! I am so grateful to this day and everyday, and on days like today, (especially, when I get such heartfelt emails from people giving me their support; encouraging me not to give up my dream to perform; telling me how much watching me on tv touched their hearts and lifted their spirits - omg, are you kidding?  In truth, it is actually the reverse because you guys actually lift mine! - defending me against any senseless negativity on the internet; and pouring out their hearts about their own dreams, and sharing a little about their own lives with me), I am reminded about how blessed and fortunate I am to have such a wonderful group of people in this world to reach out to somebody like me - a nobody - but for some reason, a few, wonderful group of people from different parts of the US and also from all over the world feel comfortable enough with me to want to connect with me.  That is such an amazing honor, and I am so humbled and so, so grateful.  You guys remind me and help me feel like I am not alone.  I thank God for you!

So, I just had to say a BIG THANK YOU to you guys!!! I just want you to know how much I appreciate the support you have given me. Your support means more than I will ever be able to express.

In addition, since some of you have shared with me that you wish you could spread the word out about what you do or what your dreams are with others, I want to give some of my fans an opportunity to do just that. That is what blogs do right?  Help spread the word?  So, once a month or periodically - since this will really depend on you guys if you want me to help spread the word about what you do - I will dedicate a post in my blog to one of you to help spread the word out about what you do or what your dreams are with others. Just submit a link of your video sharing what you do or what your dreams are, and I will be happy to post the selected video to help spread the word!  However, I suggest to keep the videos and the messages in the videos CLEAN!!! since this is family-oriented, remember! :)  It is really wonderful to share things, such as, the song you wrote for the first girl you ever had a crush on; or the gymnastics routine you won at regionals; or your dream of being a teacher; or the beautiful, original, handmade dresses you design; or the beautiful baskets you arrange that make people so happy to receive in the mail, etc) - those are all amazing, positive stories and things to share with others that has made me smile and touched my heart and can touch other people too.

Now, please keep in mind that if we do this, this will still be a learning curve for me since this is THE first time I would be doing something like this and have no idea what I am doing.  I will totally admit that. So, please be patient with me, and I will apologize in advance for any future errors I make. However, because of some of the emails I have gotten, I can hear a similar theme, and that is that people have a voice (and I don't mean a singing voice in this case - although I know some of the people that wrote me are obviously singers). I am talking about "a" voice, "their" voice, and they just want a chance to be heard. I am just trying to find a way to give you guys a chance to be heard. If there is a way I can do that. I want to try. This is my way to try to do that for you even if it is only in just a little way.  It will still be a way for you to be heard.

Maybe someday, I will be a "somebody", but right now, I am just little me. :) Thank you so much for supporting little me, this nobody, but somebody who deeply thanks you from the bottom of my heart!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Loving Planks

I never thought I would say this, but I actually love doing....PLANKS!!!  Yes, people, I never would have ever imagined myself ever saying that...EVER!!!

Do you know how long I have avoided doing planks? Oh, let's say at least...20 years!!! And you know what? It showed!!! YUP! I admit it! That is no secret. Remember when the world first saw me on America's Got Talent? Do you remember that chunky, middle-aged woman? While I did work out believe it or not, I avoided planks like the plague for YEARS as you could probably tell. However, after losing some weight and wanting to work on my core, I asked my awesome fitness blogging friend, Nancy Kim, (who is also a certified fitness instructor) what I could do. She recommended planks. I dreaded them, and told her I dreaded them but that I was willing to give them a try since I saw what they did for her core.

From the moment I tried doing planks after decades of avoiding them, I could feel them working EXACTLY where I wanted them to work, and I instantly fell in love with planks. I was in serious agony from the get go, and I had no idea how I was going to get through even just one minute at first, but it was great because I could feel them working, and I like it when I think something is working for me. I could see results very quickly! I want to say I saw results even within a couple of days.

Of course, I still have a long way to go (ok, I admit that my abs do not look like Nancy's :)), but Nancy said she has suggestions of variations of planks to keep things challenging so that my body doesn't get used to things since your body adapts rather quickly and that exercises get less effective as your body adapts to them. Oh my, did she say MORE challenging? Uh oh. Well, ok..I guess she knows what she is talking about. I will have to give her a call when I'm ready. But for right now, I think the 3-5 sets of 1 minute each or 1 minute and 10 seconds each is about all I can handle at the moment. When that gets "too easy",or if I don't see as much results after that, then I will see what more challenging planks to take on. Until then, the normal "less challenging" planks are plenty challenging enough for me right now! :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

OMG! I Can't Wait to Try This!!!

OMG! I am SOOO EXCITED!!!  I just found out that Shakeology just came out with a new flavor...VANILLA!  I am SOOO EXCITED I cannot even being to tell you!  You don't understand!  I LOVE vanilla!  Vanilla is actually my FAVORITE flavor ice cream (well green tea ice cream now ties for 1st as my favorite flavor or comes in at a very close 2nd, but vanilla will never move below the #1 whether another flavor ties with it or not.  That is how much I love vanilla!).  So, when I heard Beachbody was coming out with a new vanilla flavor Shakeology shake, I was really excited!  From the looks of things, it seems like it is going to be good, so I am looking forward to trying it!  I have really loved the other flavors I have tried so far.  I especially LOVE the Greenberry!  It is my happy drink/smoothie, and I look forward to drinking it everyday, so I am hopeful and looking forward to trying this new, vanilla flavor!  After I try it, I will let you guys know what I think about this new flavor!

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE Shakeology!  I look forward to drinking this everyday!  I love how this product tastes.  I love how this product makes me feel.  I love how this product has been working for me.  My body craves this stuff!  When my friend, who is a fitness instructor, told me about Shakeology before, I didn't understand it, but I finally tried it. I am so glad I finally did.  Now, I seriously cannot imagine my life without this baby! And apparently, I'm not the only one!  Watch this! :)

Have a great day, and STAY HEALTHY!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fun and Easy Toning Exercises to Do Anywhere!

I enjoy working out. I love walking on my treadmill, especially while watching a movie, tv program, kdrama, or watching the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals, and I love using my weight machines. However, there are times when my schedule may not allow for my normal workout routines. One example would be when I travel, for instance. During those times, I still want to be able to exercise and tone somehow, but I know I may not always have access to a treadmill or some kind of exercise equipment. Even though I may not have access to a treadmill or my weight machines, I still like to keep working on toning everyday somehow, especially as I get older. I need something that is flexible and realistic that I can apply or use no matter where I am.

This is why I especially like the exercises I got from Fumiko who is the creator of the Face Yoga Method. I happen to stumble upon her youtube channel while browsing through some videos on youtube. Fumiko also has a membership site which seems very good from what I can tell so far, but she actually offers a free webinar which I have taken, as well, if you want to check things out first. Her youtube channel also has a lot of great videos too that can give you a good start on things if you want to try some of her exercises.

Here are a couple of my favorite exercises from Fumiko's Face Yoga Method that you can do anywhere whether you are at home or traveling. I still have a long way to go, but I could a see a difference once I started doing her exercises, so I do these everyday now. Besides, I think these are just fun to do, and I can do these anywhere so that makes it very easy for me, and hey, at my age, I'll take easy! :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wait!...No Weight!

Hope everyone had a good Father's Day!

People have told me recently, especially those who have not seen me in a while, that they have noticed I have lost quite a bit of weight. It has been really nice to get compliments on how I have been looking healthier and better. I have gotten more compliments now in my mid 40's than I have ever gotten in my early 20's! HA HA!! :) So THANK YOU for lifting this old gal's spirits! :)

I know some of you have asked me what I have been doing to lose weight. Well, to put it briefly, I have been working with my wonderful endocrinologist and am finally getting my thyroid regulated which has gotten me started off on the right track. I also continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, as I have always done by eating healthy and exercising, which, luckily, I enjoy doing. I do core exercises I got from that I LOVE!!! (I am actually getting abs for the first time in my life! I still have a long way to go, but even when I was skinny years ago, I never had abs before so I will give myself more time. hee hee :)); AND the BEST thing I have done for myself fairly recently that has helped me and has made the biggest difference for me personally is I started taking Shakeology! I love this stuff and cannot imagine life without this baby!

I saw this video and just had to laugh because yes, I admit I have done this too many times! Tony Horton is really funny in this!

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Commercial for Central Dupage Hospital

my friend: "were you in a commercial for centera system (central dupage hospital or delnor hospital)? There was someone in there that looks just like you"

me: "yup"

So, I guess if you guys are out in the midwest, watch for me in that commercial! :)

Family Weekend Announces Release Dates!

The film Family Weekend, where yours truly appears as Siu Jin, announced release dates! Here is the info via their facebook status:

ARC Entertainment and Footprint Features are proud to announce the release dates for Family Weekend

(starring Kristin Chenoweth, Matthew Modine, Olesya Rulin, Joey King, Eddie Hassell Chloe Bridges and Shirley Jones)



DVD and DIGITAL - 4/23/13

For further inquiries from Press or Media please contact Katrina Wan PR at Katrina@KatrinaWanPR.Com