Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Baby Isaac!!!

I love my vet! I got an email last night wishing my baby Isaac a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I don't think I have ever gotten that before from a vet! I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful, and it just ended my evening on bright note last night, and it started the new, next day focused right...straight on Isaac's birthday!

I am sure some people who don't have dogs or pets, or even people that do have them, but maybe don't feel about them the way I feel about my Isaac may laugh at me, but you know what? I don't care! I am a proud pet parent! So, yes, folks, being that I am a proud mama, today, this day, on July 13, 2013, I am wishing my baby Isaac a very...


My cute, loyal companion, baby ball of fluff that I love so much that you might have thought I had given birth to him myself is 9 years old today!  He has been through so much, and if you are on facebook, you know there were times I was afraid I was going to lose this little guy; but he is such a little trooper, and I thank God he made it through because I cannot imagine my life without my little angel. We have been through so much together and God must have known I needed him.  He is definitely a gift from God for sure, and I am so grateful for him, for his little spirit, for his little face, for the goofy little things he does and the looks he gives me, and just for being in my life.  I feel very blessed. 

Gosh, isn't it amazing how these furry creatures can bring so much joy into our lives?!  They can make a difficult day feel a-ok just by seeing their furry little faces.  Who else waits for you by the door when you go outside to check the mail, even if you are gone only for just a few minutes or a few seconds and then rejoices as if you have been gone for a few centuries?  Who else doesn't care about how much money you make, or how beautiful you are, or how talented you are, or how tall you are, or how short you are, or how fat you are, or how skinny you are, or even how you smell?  They don't care about a big house, or fancy clothes, or fancy food, or fancy toys, anything.  They don't need the best of the best because they think they have it with just YOU.  To them you ARE the best.  They just want to be by your side and want nothing better than to just follow you wherever you go.  They show us what unconditional love can feel like and what it feels like not to be judged.

Do you know that song by the group Chicago "Hard to Say I'm Sorry"? There are lyrics that say "Everybody needs a little time away..." and "Even lovers need a holiday...", but you know, I don't think this is true for dogs, at least it is not true for my Isaac.  He wants to be by me ALL the time!  I love my husband and we are one of the couples that actually really like spending time together, and we actually are ok to do everything together - for real!; but even he doesn't want me around ALL the time!  But Isaac?  Isaac wants to be with me ALL the time!  That is the unconditional love of a dog!
So, since I can't sing Happy Birthday in "dog" language, I will end this blog and help celebrate Isaac's birthday by sharing an old, favorite video.  It is of Isaac during his puppy years w/his brothers, Murray and Jacob, (may they rest in peace) that I have shared with my friends in the past.

Hope you enjoy it & always show your furry companion lots of love!

(Just a little history about this video: Whenever I would vocalize, or practice my scales singing, this is the kind of things my dogs would do.  I am not sure what they were trying to tell me, but instead of thinking they were being critics, I decided to try videotaping an example of what they were doing instead to show my family since I thought my family, also having dogs, would get a kick out it.)

( In the video:

Isaac: the birthday boy when he was a puppy!  He usually howls longer, but this was one of his shorter ones. Isaac is my HEART!!! I am sooo grateful I have had 9 years with this funny boy, and I pray I am able to have more! My pride & joy! My laughter! My everything! My world!;

Murray: THE GREATEST American Eskimo in the WORLD!!!! He was my husband's favorite baby for sure!  He was in my life more than 16 years! so I must admit yeah, he is still up there as one of my top 2 favorites (my very first Maltese named Jordan who was deaf since he was 2 years old that I had for 12 years before Isaac and Jacob years is my up there as my ultimate baby). Murray was sooo friendly to people! Every vet that met Murray said he was THE friendliest American Eskimo they EVER met! He was my genius boy! I want another Eskie because of my Murray!;

Jacob:  Isaac's half-brother and sooo sweet and my little lap dog. He was a very, very special soul. Indescribable how special this little guy was. He was just 2-3 lbs, but a little warrior who lost his battle with PLE.  He had a hard life.  He was THE CUTEST little thing EVER!!!  He was SOOOO forgiving!  He was THE SWEETEST EVER too!!!    

I love ALL my dogs that have sadly passed on, and I MISS all my babies VERY much that it is bittersweet to see videos of them because I wish I could hug them all; but I am blessed to have had them in my life. And yes, I am one of those that people have their dogs' ashes, and their ashes will be buried or cremated along with me when the time comes for God to call me home too.)

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