Thursday, June 27, 2013

OMG! I Can't Wait to Try This!!!

OMG! I am SOOO EXCITED!!!  I just found out that Shakeology just came out with a new flavor...VANILLA!  I am SOOO EXCITED I cannot even being to tell you!  You don't understand!  I LOVE vanilla!  Vanilla is actually my FAVORITE flavor ice cream (well green tea ice cream now ties for 1st as my favorite flavor or comes in at a very close 2nd, but vanilla will never move below the #1 whether another flavor ties with it or not.  That is how much I love vanilla!).  So, when I heard Beachbody was coming out with a new vanilla flavor Shakeology shake, I was really excited!  From the looks of things, it seems like it is going to be good, so I am looking forward to trying it!  I have really loved the other flavors I have tried so far.  I especially LOVE the Greenberry!  It is my happy drink/smoothie, and I look forward to drinking it everyday, so I am hopeful and looking forward to trying this new, vanilla flavor!  After I try it, I will let you guys know what I think about this new flavor!

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE Shakeology!  I look forward to drinking this everyday!  I love how this product tastes.  I love how this product makes me feel.  I love how this product has been working for me.  My body craves this stuff!  When my friend, who is a fitness instructor, told me about Shakeology before, I didn't understand it, but I finally tried it. I am so glad I finally did.  Now, I seriously cannot imagine my life without this baby! And apparently, I'm not the only one!  Watch this! :)

Have a great day, and STAY HEALTHY!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fun and Easy Toning Exercises to Do Anywhere!

I enjoy working out. I love walking on my treadmill, especially while watching a movie, tv program, kdrama, or watching the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals, and I love using my weight machines. However, there are times when my schedule may not allow for my normal workout routines. One example would be when I travel, for instance. During those times, I still want to be able to exercise and tone somehow, but I know I may not always have access to a treadmill or some kind of exercise equipment. Even though I may not have access to a treadmill or my weight machines, I still like to keep working on toning everyday somehow, especially as I get older. I need something that is flexible and realistic that I can apply or use no matter where I am.

This is why I especially like the exercises I got from Fumiko who is the creator of the Face Yoga Method. I happen to stumble upon her youtube channel while browsing through some videos on youtube. Fumiko also has a membership site which seems very good from what I can tell so far, but she actually offers a free webinar which I have taken, as well, if you want to check things out first. Her youtube channel also has a lot of great videos too that can give you a good start on things if you want to try some of her exercises.

Here are a couple of my favorite exercises from Fumiko's Face Yoga Method that you can do anywhere whether you are at home or traveling. I still have a long way to go, but I could a see a difference once I started doing her exercises, so I do these everyday now. Besides, I think these are just fun to do, and I can do these anywhere so that makes it very easy for me, and hey, at my age, I'll take easy! :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wait!...No Weight!

Hope everyone had a good Father's Day!

People have told me recently, especially those who have not seen me in a while, that they have noticed I have lost quite a bit of weight. It has been really nice to get compliments on how I have been looking healthier and better. I have gotten more compliments now in my mid 40's than I have ever gotten in my early 20's! HA HA!! :) So THANK YOU for lifting this old gal's spirits! :)

I know some of you have asked me what I have been doing to lose weight. Well, to put it briefly, I have been working with my wonderful endocrinologist and am finally getting my thyroid regulated which has gotten me started off on the right track. I also continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, as I have always done by eating healthy and exercising, which, luckily, I enjoy doing. I do core exercises I got from that I LOVE!!! (I am actually getting abs for the first time in my life! I still have a long way to go, but even when I was skinny years ago, I never had abs before so I will give myself more time. hee hee :)); AND the BEST thing I have done for myself fairly recently that has helped me and has made the biggest difference for me personally is I started taking Shakeology! I love this stuff and cannot imagine life without this baby!

I saw this video and just had to laugh because yes, I admit I have done this too many times! Tony Horton is really funny in this!

Enjoy! :)