Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Shout Out: Trevor Zhou and His New Film The Waltz

As an immigrant and as an Asian American, I was very intrigued when I saw this video about a new film from Trevor Zhou. However, I don't think you have to be Asian American or an immigrant to be able to appreciate or relate to Trevor's new film.

Take a look at Trevor's campaign for his new film called The Waltz.  This film is inspired from Trevor's personal life and is told from an immigrant mother's perspective.

Our house was not the neatest house either when we were growing up; but while my parents were not and are not "as bad" as the photos about Trevor's mom's hoarding in his campaign video when it comes to hoarding, I (and I am sure many immigrants, as well as, many people, in general) can relate to Trevor's story and about his mom's hoarding. Many immigrants come from NOTHING, and leave EVERYTHING behind to start a new life in a new country for whatever reason - whether it is so that they could have a better life than they had before; or if it is because of job relocating reasons, for instance. Most immigrants around during the time I came to the US was because they wanted a better life for their family, which means, we had NOTHING and had to start from scratch. Sometimes coming from nothing teaches you to waste nothing, and that can sometimes be the very start of hoarding.

It is hard to know what reasons or motivations people who hoard have exactly, but there are probably many mental, emotional, as well as, physical reasons and repercussions of hoarding - not just for the person, but also for those around them.

I think we can all have a tendency to "hoard" something. We may all have a little "hoard" pile somewhere in our house even if it just a desk with a pile of mail or even a pile of junk food stashed somewhere for when we get the munchies. So, just because we may not be "as bad" as Trevor's mom in these photos when it comes to hoarding, I think this film can resonate with many.

I am looking forward to seeing this film! Good job Trevor and good luck with your film! :)

Click below and check out Trevor's video! Have a great day Everyone! :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Friday!: Seoul Food

Happy Friday Everyone!!

On this Friday, I felt like talking food for some reason. This Seoul born, Korean-American loves Korean food!  I think Korean food is my favorite, but I admit I don't actually eat it all that often anymore.  My husband doesn't usually like a lot of the Korean food. He isn't a big fan of kimchi, and kimchi is a MUST for Koreans, especially when it comes to Korean food. Korean food is also kind of hard to make for just one serving, so if I make Korean food, I have to make it for when I have company come over who like Korean food.  Korean food is also something that has to be eaten pretty quickly because the ingredients tend to have a lot of fresh vegetables in it, or sometimes eggs, and cannot be left over for very long periods of time once cooked.

Korean soups are among some of my favorite foods to eat, but I, unfortunately did not take any photos at the time I made them. However, here are some of the foods I did remember to take some photos of after I made them to share with you. These are from when I was having a friend over my house to eat lunch with me. See what you could have when you come over for lunch! :)  Psst! Here's a hint or tip about Koreans: Many Koreans say "Thank you" with food!! i.e., They will cook Korean food for you! wink! wink!;) So, you may want to be nice to Korean people! hee hee :)  (well, you should be nice to EVERYBODY!!!)

This is kimbop. I prefer to stuff my kimbop with a lot of "stuff" and not put as much rice in it since I actually don't eat a lot of rice. Rice actually makes me fat, so I try to avoid it even though I like rice. Kimbop is a popular dish for Koreans when going on a picnic, as well as, for packing a lunch! :)

This is dukkbokki. Dukkbokki is made with rice cake. The red chili paste makes it a spicy dish. I LOVE spicy!!! I make my dukkbokki a little different than my Koreans friends make it.  I make it more similar to the way my mom makes it. I kind of stir fry it instead of boiling it. That is all I will say of my "secret". The rest you will have to figure out. ;)

Rolled eggs (gaeran mari) is a great side dish but can also be a main dish if you want. It also makes a great snack! :) You can cut them into many different shapes, and you can also create many different variations of gaeran mari. This is just a plain one.  I have made vegetable ones with carrots and spinach, and one with seaweed for instance. They are like little, mini-omlettes. My husband actually likes rolled eggs and will eat these. He didn't like the seaweed one though. :) Hey, an Asian wife had to try you know? hee hee :)

One of the unique things about Korean cuisine is the side dishes. Spinach is one of my favorite side dishes. It is healthy, fresh and tastes sooooo good!!! :) Spinach is very easy and a must on a Korean table in my personal opinion, besides the kimchi. :)  

The thing I found about Korean cooking so far is, there are basic ways to make something, but basically, I just season and tailor to taste based on my taste and needs, so now I understand what my mom meant by "I don't have a recipe. I just do."  :)

Now, I'm craving Korean food! Well, I guess it's time to eat! Until next time! :)