Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Facebook Profile and My Facebook Page

I just wanted to take a moment to explain my facebook profile and my facebook page since there may be some questions regarding that.

Yes, I have do have a personal facebook profile and I also a facebook page. I started the facebook page a while back because at the time, there were several pages of me other people created of me (which is perfectly fine. I didn't mind at all. I thought it was very nice of people to create positive pages of me - whoever it was.  I appreciated it and it was flattering to know people wanted to do that). I just decided to start my own page since I realized people were writing to me, and I wasn't responding, well, because I never got their emails since they were writing to me on pages that weren't pages I created.  Therefore, in order to have a place where people could actually write to me where I can actually receive their emails and where I can actually respond back to them, I created my own facebook page - place geared for people to actually be able to contact the real me and for me to respond back to them; and also provide a place that focuses more on the performing aspects of my life. (Plus, at the time I created this facebook page, people really could not find my personal facebook profile very well since I kept everything very private and primarily for personal use. My personal profile has become more public since then however. More on that below.)

My facebook profile was, as I said, very private and while still is personal and is geared more towards personal stuff (personal posts, photos, thoughts, etc), people are able to find me more easily now on facebook since I have become more familiar with how facebook works than before when I first started using facebook.  However, since my personal profile is still geared more towards personal topics, this may not really be what people are interested in reading - maybe other than people who actually know me.  I don't want to assume that people want to really know about my personal topics all that much.  Some people may want to know more about what is going on performing-wise, if any, rather than what is going on personal-wise so to speak. 

You are, of course, more than welcome to join me on my profile or just on my page, or both or neither. People can choose to join me on whichever page or profile or both, whatever works for them.  It is up to you. Some just want to know what is going on with me on my professional level (which is what the page is more geared towards, with maybe a hint of some personal at times). Some just want to join me on my profile. Some want to join me on both because there are times when I just post something on one or the other and not on both even though I try to be equal on some topics but can't always, so one audience does get left out. Again, it's not because I play favorites or anything. It is just sometimes it can work out that way.

Just wanted to clarify what and why the differences are. (Now these are the ONLY two places on facebook I am on though. The other ones are the ones other people created. Again, thank you to those people of course, but just to let you know, I only have my page and my profile on facebook besides being on twitter and youtube.)

Hope that helps clarify any confusion as to which pages or profiles are mine on facebook and why. And again, you are welcome to join me on my profile that is perfectly fine, as well as, my page if you want to. It is up to you!

Have a great day!!! God bless!!!