Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Confessions of an Atypical Asian

A few days ago, my friend, Rob, sent me this photo.  Apparently, his goddaughter, Danielle, LOVES Confessions of an Atypical Asian, a little book I wrote several years ago meant to take a humorous perspective on stereotypes based on my own personal experiences.  She loved it so much that it even inspired her to start writing her own experiences!  How awesome is that?!!!  This photo just made my day!!  I was so grateful to receive such a photo, especially considering it is Thanksgiving Week!!!  What great timing!! :)

My friend said his goddaughter, who is 7 years old, takes my book wherever she goes! Seeing how my book, Confessions of an Atypical Asian, makes her so happy makes me so happy! I would love to meet her someday so I can give her a big hug to personally thank her for bringing a smile to my face! I am VERY grateful!!  I cannot begin to tell you!

I guess many of you did not know I wrote this book, or any book for that matter - well, except for maybe training manuals during my technical writing days at Lucent Technologies in Naperville, IL - so I will do a shameless little plug just in case you guys are interested. As I mentioned, this is just a simple, little book I wrote several years ago taking a humorous perspective on stereotypes, in particular, Asian stereotypes (well, because you know, I am Asian/Asian-American obviously). It is from my perspective based on my personal experiences - things that I have personally experienced either directly or indirectly (i.e, witnessed/seen).

I know adults that have read this book have really enjoyed it that they have even read it out loud to their guests at their parties and had a good time; but I also know every youngster that has read it, has really, really LOVED it, as you can see with Danielle, my friend's goddaughter. I also remember my former doctor in IL had two daughters that were about Danielle's age at the time, and they would crack up reading my book. Another person enjoys reading the book to her students.  My book really seems to be a hit with the youngsters.  You can read what others had to say of my book on my website, as well, if you would like.

You can still get this book online somewhere, but it is probably going to be cheaper to get it from my website (and if you get it from my website, then I can personally autograph it for you if you want, as well, although keep in mind that it is only me,... you know, the little Cindy you all know and love :)).  Anyway, if you want, you are welcome to get my book at:


If for some strange reason the link doesn't work correctly, please let me know. You can message me here, and I will be happy to contact technical support to get it fixed. (Yes, that is the same page where you can still download my single "O Holy Night")

Happy Thanksgiving Week Everyone!  Love you Guys and thank you always so much for all your support!!!  God bless you!!!