Thursday, June 27, 2013

OMG! I Can't Wait to Try This!!!

OMG! I am SOOO EXCITED!!!  I just found out that Shakeology just came out with a new flavor...VANILLA!  I am SOOO EXCITED I cannot even being to tell you!  You don't understand!  I LOVE vanilla!  Vanilla is actually my FAVORITE flavor ice cream (well green tea ice cream now ties for 1st as my favorite flavor or comes in at a very close 2nd, but vanilla will never move below the #1 whether another flavor ties with it or not.  That is how much I love vanilla!).  So, when I heard Beachbody was coming out with a new vanilla flavor Shakeology shake, I was really excited!  From the looks of things, it seems like it is going to be good, so I am looking forward to trying it!  I have really loved the other flavors I have tried so far.  I especially LOVE the Greenberry!  It is my happy drink/smoothie, and I look forward to drinking it everyday, so I am hopeful and looking forward to trying this new, vanilla flavor!  After I try it, I will let you guys know what I think about this new flavor!

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE Shakeology!  I look forward to drinking this everyday!  I love how this product tastes.  I love how this product makes me feel.  I love how this product has been working for me.  My body craves this stuff!  When my friend, who is a fitness instructor, told me about Shakeology before, I didn't understand it, but I finally tried it. I am so glad I finally did.  Now, I seriously cannot imagine my life without this baby! And apparently, I'm not the only one!  Watch this! :)

Have a great day, and STAY HEALTHY!!!

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