Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Documentary: Revolve on Camera

My friends, Benjamin Epps (who directed Family Weekend film starring Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Modine) and his beautiful wife Heather Epps (second unit director on Family Weekend film), are working on their new documentary introducing the work of the Revolve Dance Company.

I admit that I am not a dancer and would never claim I know anything about dance, but, like many, I do appreciate the art of dance, as I appreciate the arts in general; and from watching the Epps's video below, I particularly like what Heather says about when most people think of "professionals", they tend to think of the well-known names in Hollywood we see and hear about on tv.  However, the truth is quite the opposite.

The truth is most professionals are the no-names who get no glory, but still work very hard everyday still dreaming to one day "make it"; that have to work another "real" job or two or more for years to pay the bills just so they can still pursue what they really want to pursue - which is to perform; and sometimes they have to put their dream to perform on hold; or they have to pursue their dream on the side for now since real life gets in the way or until they can get their "big break"; or they work a "real" job and try and save enough money to pursue their dream more again at a later time and so they end up pursuing their dream only off and on over the course of their entire lives, so it seems to be more in spurts and segments sometimes; or they are the ones that don't make any money at all performing or just very little but still just perform anyway so they get the experience of doing what they love to do and are trying to just get their name out there any way they can, etc.

You just may be surprised who these "professionals" are.  They just may be your next door neighbor; or your child's teacher; or someone you see at the store every week on your errands in your neighborhood. They are your every day neighbor who continue to pound the pavement day after day working hard toward the dream even though nobody else may know or realize it....yet!

Most of the "professionals" work VERY hard for years and years without ANY glory, but they do it all just because of the fact they love what they do even if everybody else in their lives think they are crazy for doing it.

So, as much as we wish being a "professional" meant being like what we see on tv with the well-known names, but it is not usually the case, unfortunately.  However, that doesn't mean that the rest of us "professionals" who are still trying to "make it" still would not be doing what we are doing because the fact is we LOVE what we do and would still be doing it, or at least trying to have it somehow in our lives no matter what, even if we have to take a break sometimes because our priorities in life may change at times.

This is why I am eager to see how this documentary turns out because regardless of whether or not you are a dancer, or regardless of whether or not you love dance, we all know what it is like to have a dream, and deep inside we all wish to just do it! And these dancers are obviously doing just that!

Check out their video below from their Kickstarter campaign page for Revolve on Camera

Enjoy! :)

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