Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cindy and Isaac Practicing Before Singing for Husband's Birthday :)

I know it has been a while since I have blogged.  I have been away from home for a few weeks now.  I had a couple of interesting things happen during my roadtrip to Chicago, and things have been a bit busy with settling in at one sister's house and then the other sister's house, and then back to the other sister's house; and, of course, I had to and I am still getting used to the crazy Chicago weather again after being away from it for a couple of years.  The cold and snow seem to be never-ending. It is interesting how fast you become accustomed to NOT becoming accustomed to the crazy weather even though you lived in it for most of your life.  Yup, I have become as my Chicago friends would say...a wimp, or one of "those" people. :)  Obviously, I saw my agent and went on a few auditions in the city, and I also saw my parents, so I guess things have been fairly busy.

Plus, if you have been on facebook or following me on twitter, you may have seen my posts and tweets about my dog, Isaac, and you may have seen a video I have posted of him and my other dogs (my other dogs in that video have sadly passed on since that video and I miss them everyday obviously) "singing".  Whenever I sing at home or vocalize at home, Isaac looks at me, perks up and "sings".  Okay, he howls.  I know he is probably telling me to "be quiet!", but I must say that he looks extremely cute saying it! :)  You may have also seen my posts and tweets that because I was going to be away from home on my husband's birthday, I was going to call my husband and sing for my husband on his birthday.

So, since I needed to practice and since Isaac tends to join in whenever I practice, here is a video I posted on my facebook.  I know this may make me a "stage mom", but I will admit I think my baby is adorable so I am a proud mom. :)

To see more videos of me and Isaac, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook!  Tell all your friends!  :)

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