Friday, July 4, 2014

LIVE Your Life!!!

Life was not meant for you to just exist and wander without intention. You were created so you could LIVE!!! LIVING is an ACTION!!! Fear was meant to warn you to stop for a brief moment, and what I like to call a humble tremble from God, to keep you in check or to push you forward for the right reason. It can be powerful when it is used for what it was supposed to, and NOT to paralyze you to keep you from moving forward in your life. Healthy fear is a wise alert where it is quite humbling to the soul, and it pushes you to move forward in your life in the right direction. Not one that causes you to be stagnant, where you get in your way, and you end up making excuses every way you turn in not achieving or rising to your true potential that you were blessed to be. You were chosen and blessed to be on this earth with talents and gifts to serve others (and, my personal belief, whether you share it or not I understand, this is my belief, is I personally believe God gave me whatever gift I have, and I am supposed to do what He wants me to do with it).

You are unique. There is NO other person like you on this planet. Even if you are a twin, while similar, that twin is STILL unique. Healthy fear allows you to be ALERT so you ACT!! And then you ACT and MOVE and DO - NOT for you to stay still. Sometimes, you can even just analyze things forever due to fear, and that is called "analysis paralysis". It gets you nowhere. It does NOTHING. It all means nothing until you ACTUALLY DO something!!! Do NOT fear!! Just DO!! It is great to think things through. Once you have thought things through, JUST DO IT!!! GO OUT THERE and LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!

Know you are blessed. Know you are loved. Know you were created and chosen to be here on this earth. Life is a gift. Don't waste the time you have been blessed to be given. Don't just "exist". Don't just go through the motions in your life. Choose to REALLY LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!

Love you Guys!!!! I am grateful for you! God bless you on this 4th of July! May the Good Lord watch over you and your families! :)

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